7 steps to business start up – introduction

Seven steps to heaven (or at least starting your business)…

Tarr Steps from above

This is my view on what you need to do to start up a business, I’ve been to many seminars, workshops etc and read a lot of books about starting a business and you many different view this is mine. I’m not saying it’s perfect or exhaustive but it should give you a good basis to work from. It assumes that you already know what you are going to do and is biased towards sole traders but should be applicable to everybody starting out on their own

1. Get organised
Keep receipts (mileage, all expenses, income etc) and keep them organised by month. Create a simple cost (spending) revenue (income) spreadsheet.

2. Get legal
Register with HMRC for National Insurance, even if you are still working as well

3. Get free advice
There’s loads of it out there, even if some of it is worth what you pay for it!

4. Get a domain

paul@jonesthepainter.co.uk is better than pauljones1984@hotmail.com

5. Get a bank account
Keep your business money separate

6. Get your IT sorted
You don’t need to spend a fortune but do back things up!

7. Get yourself known
You can have the best business in town but if nobody knows about it…

These are my ideas; you may think of more, that some don’t apply or that they’re not in the right order. Think of it as a list to get you thinking.

I take no responsibility for any actions you may take based on this list!

To be continued…


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