What type of website do you need?


All companies need a website, but not all companies need the same type of website. In this internet age you need to have a website, but how far you go is dependant on what you want your website to achieve.

If you talk to sales professionals they will talk about farmer and hunter sales people, i.e. reactive and proactive. The same principle, with an extra element, can be applied to websites.

The FARMER website;

This is the minimum website a single page, it just sits there with company and contact details with a brief description of services. The website is totally reactive. It is useful for online directories, referrals by customers etc.

The SHEPHERD website;

You can think of this as an online catalogue, when you want customers to know more you send (shepherd) them to your website. The website has reasonably static content that includes descriptions of services, prices etc and customer testimonials. It allows you to save money by not having a printed catalogue and can be easily updated as your products/services change. Make it visual and engaging but no real need to worry about SEO etc.

The HUNTER website;

This is the full-fat proactive website, has the content of the Shepherd but with added value content, feeds to social media and attention paid to SEO. This is the website you want to be at the top of search engines etc.

As a minimum every organisation should own their domain name and related email address, there is nothing worse than seeing a @btconnect or, even worse, a hotmail email address on a van or business card. Think Perception see my previous blog “P is for Perception”.

A basic domain name, website and webmail service is cheap and worth every penny.

This blog was a guest blog on http://www.anthodges.co.uk/what-type-of-website-do-you-need/

Mark Palmer BSc, Cert Mgmt (Open), MBCS

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