P is for Perception

Anybody who has done any marketing training will know about the 4 “P’s”, Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. This is sometimes extended to 5 “P’s” by adding People (or resource) which unless you’ve invented a fully automated business run by a robot are fairly important! After reading a comment about adding anything that starts with “P” I’ve added a sixth, Perception!

Why Perception and isn’t it part of Promotion anyway, well maybe but I think that peoples Perception of your business whether it’s a one-man band or a multi national is critical to success and should be considered when looking at any activity. Take a simple example, you’re starting out in business and have asked two accountants to come to you for a free one hour consultation. The first arrives late, disheveled in a creased cheap suit and tie, he gets out a cheap note book from a Tesco carrier bag and makes notes with a chewed biro. The second arrives 5 minutes early, is smartly turned out without a tie, carrying a leather portfolio, he hands you a set of pre-printed guides. Who would you give your business to?

Conversely it’s also too easy to create a perception that sets expectations too high. It’s too easy to create a website that could overstate the perception of your capabilities.

BTW, other “P’s”, Positioning, Promote/PR/Propaganda/Pitch, Pedigree, Policies/Processes, Philosophy/Principles, Purpose (Business), Proposition (Business), Priorities, Plan, Provision…
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